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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beyond the White Lines

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There are only two short days until the Griffs Baseball team takes the field for our opening weekend in Cary, North Carolina. This squad has been in the making since last August and it will be exciting for players, coaches, and fans to see the team finally come together on the diamond. The 2012 Griffs are distinguished by the influx of 17 new players. Although some real characters graduated last year, ones that are thoroughly missed, the addition of new faces has created a different feel and a new identity for the team. Some of the hitters this year like to refer to themselves as “big dogs.” I am not sure how this trend started but it has taken off and even made its way into the team huddle at the conclusion of each practice.      

Another event that the players (and more so the coaching staff) are looking forward to is the live debut of Canadian singing sensation and Griffs’ infielder Jose Torralba. Jose has agreed to entertain the team with his musical talents and hopefully reduce the inevitable boredom of a 13-hour bus trip. All I have to say is that with his impressive internet success and one video attracting over 97, 000 views on, Jose better live up to the hype.       

Griffs Baseball has very high expectations on the field this year. But, we are not going to talk about that here. Our goal is not to offer you boring retrospectives on our games but is to illuminate the antics, personalities, and off-field adventures that accompany this team. It is pretty clear that our primary goal this season is to compete and win baseball games. We have in no way diminished the expectations that we have set for ourselves as players and as a team. We simply intend to provide a behind the scenes look at what the team is up to when we are outside of the white lines. This season should be an exciting one for the Griffs and we look forward to updating you in our future posts.

Let the big dog eat,
            Alex Tufts


  1. Is Alex Tufts a good dancer? Maybe he could do his dance move while Jose sings on the bus?

  2. Love it!!!! please have a video post of Jose singing and maybe a classic Tufts dance while he serenades!!

  3. Destroy EVERYONE boys, I'll be following from cyberspace. In the words of Legendary Don Colpoys, this is the best time of your life so far. Take every minute and enjoy it cause soon enough, house payments and jobs take over. I miss it.